The Top 5 must-see places to visit in Memphis

What to visit Memphis, the city of Rock’n’ Roll?

Friday night, we took our car and headed “on the road to Memphis”. I had to do it, I’m sorry. And for the little story that this road is boring… To go to Chicago, we crossed several highways… BUT There! From Saint Louis, you have 5 hours of highway 55 South or North in a straight line. 5 HOURS OF RIGHT LINES! We couldn’t take it anymore.

By activating the cruise control and with the automatic gearbox, your hands are only used to hold the steering wheel. As a result, you can even cook yourself an osso bucco and scrambled eggs on the way.

On the road, this time, we saw:

  • A dead bear… yes, a bear 🙁
  • Tons of cop checks. Here it is zero tolerance even if in the code it is written that you can follow the pace of traffic. #SubjectivityEvening
  • A truck with rather special rims
  • An accident that caused a road extension when we returned. Here, in the event of an accident, the police completely close an entire section of the highway.

Frankly, the road was boring as far as possible but we were happy. The Frenchman is always complaining so the road was really bad**** but we were very happy to go away for another weekend 😀 I don’t say it in my articles but we just feel extremely lucky to be able to experience all this.

Even today, after more than two months here, I still don’t think I realize it. It sounds strange, but I think that when I return to France, I would have trouble thinking, “OK, you spent two months in the US, stepped on the ground in Chicago, in Memphis”. And what awaits me this summer! I’m not even telling you, it’s gonna be great! (if I pass through customs). It promises pretty articles, I’m telling you 😉

In the meantime, this weekend we were in Memphis, Tennessee (yes, there’s another Memphis in Missouri) and it was cool! Not at all gloomy or boring as I had read it sometimes. I had made a program with onions. From 9am to 10pm, we were busy 🙂

Memphis is a typical Midwestern city. It’s ruined like St. Louis.

Without car, you’re dead (or almost).

It’s not a city like Chicago where you can walk around downtown and the surrounding area without getting bored. It’s a city in which the car takes you to different activities and walking in the central downtown area doesn’t have much interest.


Visit Memphis: The top 5 activities

Gospel Mass with Al Green

it’s my top one on the same level as Elvis’ house. I hadn’t done gospel mass before that one. But what energy! Before so much love, faith, smile and VOICE I was forced to pour my tearful tears. Anyway, I planned it anyway. I just forgot my tissues. There were so many of us that day. Al Green has gone around. There were many states from the United States represented but also many countries (Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, France etc.) In short, we came from far away to see Al Green!

Visit Graceland, the home of King Elvis Presley

If you go to Memphis, we won’t lie to each other, it’s the city’s attraction, I advise you to go there. I will come back to this in an article dedicated to this visit. I’m not telling you everything now 😉 Several choices are available to you. I recommend the $40 Platinium tour which gives you access to Elvis’ house but also to his classic cars and archives. For the chance to get on the plane that Elvis Presley bought from his wife with the name of his daughter Lisa Marie, it’s an extra 5 euros. (This can be nice because I think the plane is at the height of the house. We thought we had enough Elvises for the day 😉)

Walking on Beale Street

So there my friends. This street… yes, I can tell you it’s a happy mess! But really. I’m weighing my words. Let’s call a spade a spade! Beale street is a 2.4km long street but at night only a small portion of just over 500 meters is lively and believe me it’s enough. WOW. Hang on, let’s go!

Preamble/Introduction/Premise :

All street arteries are controlled by the police. There are roadblocks everywhere and a search is mandatory. We even wondered if the entrance was not free but that naivety is just a security barrier.

Once back home, you will very quickly be immersed in the atmosphere. The commercials put their music to the test. People laugh, dance, speak loudly. We’re moving from commercial music to Jazz, Blues and of course Rock’n’ roll!

The street is almost crowded but that won’t stop you from seeing mamas dancing in front of the pubs, we even saw five of them improvising a dance in the street like a flash mob. It’s in the box and in video, I’ll show you this very soon 🙂

Your first sense of sight is to imagine this street. But your sense of smell is not yet aware… Yet, it sends out! All the smells are there. Alcohol, of course, and what comes next if you have trouble setting boundaries. The grass too but not the basil you understood… I think that if you breathe next to a smoker, you could start booty shake in the middle of the street like them after only 5 minutes. That smell is everywhere on Beale Street, so we figured it had to be legal because the police are everywhere too! And honestly, I can tell you that it smells very strong! And here, we don’t drink from cups but from huge plastic “canes” on which you can lean while watching a group play if you are tired.

In short, the trio of activities not to be missed if you go to Memphis is this one:

  • Gospel Mass by Al Green
  • Elvis presley’s house: Graceland (it‘s not an Elvis fan who tells you that)
  • Take a walk on the festive street: Beale Street

The Bass Pro Shop pyramid

At the beginning of May 2015 the Bass Pro store opened its doors. Finally store, I should say, the Bass Pro pyramid. Nothing is too crazy in the United States.

This is what Wikipedia tells us about it: “The store sizes range from 20,000 square feet (1,900 m2) up to 535,000 square feet (49,700 m2)”

In fact Bass pro Shop looks a little like the store I told you about here with aligator turtles in the window. I can’t tell you enough that Americans are crazy about nature, wide open spaces, camping, hunting and fishing.

With about $15, you can go up and overlook the city! Attention, advice! There’s a lot of waiting. I advise you to come to the opening at 8am or 9am depending on the day. We asked and the lady told us that the wait might be very long. Outside the opening count 1 hour or more if affinity to take one of the two elevators. We went back to other adventures.

Visit the Sun Studio

I’ll do an article for you about Elvis’ house because I have a lot of pictures to show you. I will tell you about the Sun Studio in the same article. On the other hand, if I can give you some advice right now. Elvis’ house can be visited whether you are a fan or not, the visit to the Sun Studio costs only $13, is in English and lasts 1H/1H30 but there is nothing exceptional for me (I feel that the purists will want to cut me into small pieces). Honestly, go on your way if you’re not a rock’n’ roll fan. The visit is nice and I’m glad I did it but it wasn’t transcendent. Please don’t throw stones at me. #AIE!

That said, you will surely come to Memphis once in your life, so it’s up to you to see 😉

Eating at Charles Vergo’s – Appointment

For once, you will have the right to an article on food in Memphis. We really liked some places and others not so much. I’ll tell you everything soon. What is on: Memphis is THE barbecue city. Passing through this city without going to Rendez Vous would be a mistake! I’ll talk to you about all this soon!

Go to the Peabody Hotel and see his ducks

Since 1933, it has been THE tradition of this luxurious 4-star hotel. A trainer is there every day at 11am and 5pm. The principle: In the hotel lobby, a fountain. In this fountain 5 ducks. And twice a day the trainer invites the ducks to enter at 11am and leave at 5pm from this fountain. The 5 ducks take the path of the red carpet and leave. The attraction lasts 10 seconds and the hotel lobby is packed 1 hour before. We were part of the crowd last Saturday at 5:00 p. m.

Where to find the hotel:

149 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 529-4000

To book this hotel in Memphis or any other hotel, go to Findhotel.